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Cabaret Artelis

„Cabaret Artel” invites to its shelter.

There are more and more seekers of job, shelter and happiness out there lately. In former times during tough days of social life there were artels of craftsmen, artists and even gold hunters developed, which played a role of a work as well as a cohabitation form.

Cabaret troupe establishes an artel and invites everybody who is searching for a shelter from rush of the world and prose worries to its soup pot. The cabaret artel has already its big band „Orchestra d’Exstasy”; gifted actors – unique Fabio, lovely Justin and glamorous Erkki, a troupe of actors and the honeybunches. Broken street players and professional musical soloists from Italy and France have applied to demonstrate their skills.

No one seems to be foreign here. Time brakes off, a moment shades in eternity and YOU are becoming a romanticist, a lonesome daydreamer. The air is full of sounds, and spotlights, just like magic eyes, reshape a moment into wonder…

Don’t miss the chance to find yourself among talented and jovial people! See you in December at „Sapņu Fabrika”.

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