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KETZAL, an outstanding performance of dance theatre company Derevo - 4th and 5th of May

Producer group Virusart proceeds with the exploring of new, intriguing genres in performing arts world wide and invites everyone for an outstanding art event presented by Performance Company Derevo – dance theatre show “KETZAL”.

Thou been participated in more than 120 different theatre and dance performance festivals world wide, Derevo avoid relating themselves to such verbal symbols as “an actor”, “a play” or “a theatre” and therefore confirming their artistic activities as an evidence of their true beliefs and regarding their work as an awareness of a person's existence. By their cultural manifest Derevo members declare that man lives in a permanent state of war with the world which gave birth to him and that he's
losing this war every moment. While being on stage artists are seeking for the right way how to show the world were people have meant to get the state of a happily living immortality through the expression of ones body movement and emotions. Each performance of Derevo is an accomplished product of unique eclectic art, providing the audience with all variety of emotions.

KETZAL is the latest work of the Company. KETZAL origins are: voices, morning mist, walls of rain, and everything what was before it and maybe will never repeat.

KETZAL tells the audience about the beginning of a movement and sound, where do the dreams come from and what might be the equilibrium of a sleepwalker and the crawling of an infant, as well as about where a complete immobility might lead down. Almost unlimited usage of the body movement, emotionality, and expression of Derevo dancers lead the viewer to the revelation of the art’s diversity and inner beauty.

Not branding this performance with such symbols as “an actor”, “a play” or “a theatre” and not marking it as “something unique” or “something unseen” everyone is welcomed for an outstanding event where the human body will speak and tell about that the horizon is always at your feet, and the sky begins right from the ground.

Tickets available at Biļešu paradīze ( from 1st march, 2007

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